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I am sorry I know it was so long when I last upload some work, but I had really tough times and didn't find time to do it. (Ah, I am tired of saying this, but its still relevant)

Anyways, this is another from the series of Illustrations for my book/story "On Wings of Birds". (The young women in the painting is not Grace, Theo met her on the bridge feeding the seagulls and she reminded him of her. He than wanted to talk to her, because she seemed like someone special, but she wasn't there anymore and he never met her again.) The seagulls do symbolise the freedom Theo is searching from, freedom from his fears and inner demons.
On Wings of Birds - cover
I ment this to be a front cover for my book/story "On wings of birds". It features its two main characters, Theo and Grace. The story is philosophical and metaforic and concerns about questions and themes of death, reborn, change and morality. In short, Theo and Grace used to be friends in elementery school, they were both unhappy then because they were different from the other kids, they were dreamers, both building their own worlds, both bullied, so they made quite strong connention. But Theo started to feel tired of this lifestyle, he was depressed about being on the edge of society, so after finishing the elementary school and going on the high school he cut of all the connections with old life and Grace as well, totally changed himself and became popular, found new friends, girlfriend and prestige, but lost his true self. After two years of happy life, he finds in a newspaper that Grace died. He finds out that she was depressed and suffered from some serious illness, and felt very lonely after her only friend left, so she decided to commit a suicide. Theo at first dont want to believe that he may had some part of guilt on it, but as time goes, he slowly changes his mind. He recieves Grace's diary and starts to read it, so he can better understand her feelings and he follows her on her journey leading to an end. He then meets her in his memories and dreams also. He finally finds thanks to her that the life he is living isn't real, it's just a lie, and he can never be happy until he will become true to himself again. He slowly starts to rebuild his life with help of Grace's diary which contains music and movie tips and book commentary and wise thoughts he did never think of. He also starts to help people and act better to his family, stop drinking and smoking, but the more he tries, the better he gets, the bigger is his bad luck, the more bad the people around treat him. His fake friends leave him, his girlfriend cheats on him, his parents got divorced. He is so stressed out that he doesn't see a car coming, and it hit him. In a hospital, he finishes reading Grace's diary, and after reading the last words where Grace says she loves him and misses him, he realizes he loved her too. After this he is totally hopeless and devastaded, and he climbs out of the window and dreams of flying - and maybe, he really does fly.

Apart from this, the book is devided into chapters named by certain bird species, which appear in the story, real or in the dreams or just as a methapors, for example his girlfriend is a "magpie" because she is using Theo just for amusement and money, she enjoyes the pretty things he buys her. Also, at last, Theo's bestfriend is a magpie as well, because he literally steals Theo's girlfriend from him.

I hope this was a litlle interesting to you, its the least I can do to write a short summary of what the book is about when I can't translate it all for now.

Have a beautiful day!
Another illustration for "On Wings of Birds" hmm I think I am uploading them from worst to best, like I usually do... For this one I got an idea which didnt really turned out how I wanted (same with the previous one) so I am still playing with idea to redraw it sometime. We will see.
On Wings of Birds
"On Wings of Birds" is a story/book I wrote and illustrated last year on summer holidays. Every chapter is named after some bird and it usually also has some symbolic or real connection with the story and events. I am still quite excided about the result, I never did something so cohesive and in such a short time.

This is one of the illustrations. I would name it after the bird, but I don't know its name in english and I do not trust the google translator, so if you could help, let me know :)
New Year
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to every single of you, my friends and supporters and followers. Thank you so much for everything you've done and everything you do, I am here because of you. :heart:


Gawarin's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Czech Republic
Hello, I am Gaw :)
I love art, drawing, reading fantasy books, listening music, working in my small magic garden. And I love all my friends. They are my biggest treasure. They are stars on night sky. And I love my cats too. I love all animals and flowers.
I am different. I am exceptional. I am friendly.
And I am DREAMER :)
I wanted to make a feature of some of my favorite deviantart artist, because there are amazing people with amazing art, still hiding around. All consider all these artist as friends, I love their work, their kind personality and their thoughts and point of viewing the world. Thank you for being here and sharing your fascinating art.


Amazing artist and person, always so supportive and very clever, always interested in details and background of things. Very skillful in both digital and traditional art, but I personally like her traditional drawings/paintings more, they have something very honest and beautiful inside.
With every artwork, she tells a story, which is something I always admire and love and seek for. Her characters are very natural and interesting, everyone has fascinating history and secrets, also small details which make them seem so real.
She has incredibe sense for colours, they are always fitting, wel-chosen and earthy, very pleasant for eye and never too bright or kitschy.
At last, I would like to uplift her ability to create amazing details such as costumes or traditional jewellery or perfect ornaments on clothes, which move the whole artwork on another level. Her paintings always give me warm feeling, like it's something familiar and close and harmonic.

The Beginning of Something New by charcoalfeatherNavruz by charcoalfeatherFerghana by charcoalfeatherYura by charcoalfeatherHe was no Parzival by charcoalfeatherKarin by charcoalfeather
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