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I wanted to make a feature of some of my favorite deviantart artist, because there are amazing people with amazing art, still hiding around. All consider all these artist as friends, I love their work, their kind personality and their thoughts and point of viewing the world. Thank you for being here and sharing your fascinating art.


Amazing artist and person, always so supportive and very clever, always interested in details and background of things. Very skillful in both digital and traditional art, but I personally like her traditional drawings/paintings more, they have something very honest and beautiful inside.
With every artwork, she tells a story, which is something I always admire and love and seek for. Her characters are very natural and interesting, everyone has fascinating history and secrets, also small details which make them seem so real.
She has incredibe sense for colours, they are always fitting, wel-chosen and earthy, very pleasant for eye and never too bright or kitschy.
At last, I would like to uplift her ability to create amazing details such as costumes or traditional jewellery or perfect ornaments on clothes, which move the whole artwork on another level. Her paintings always give me warm feeling, like it's something familiar and close and harmonic.

The Beginning of Something New by charcoalfeatherNavruz by charcoalfeatherFerghana by charcoalfeatherYura by charcoalfeatherHe was no Parzival by charcoalfeatherKarin by charcoalfeather
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Hi all

I just wanted to tell you that I successfully made my school leaving exams (If somebody is interested in it). I was so worried about it and I was depressed and I couldn't paint and felt really bad. But now, hopefully it's all gone now and I can start to live again.

Thats all

Have a nice day

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Hi mates!

I finished uploading illustrations for my stories (there are no other for now) and now I will upload series of big format paintings I was working on last year's Summer and Autumn. The series is called Flowerspeak. It feautures two main aspects - human figure and flowers. I found that flowers and plants are amazing way how to express certain feelings, emotions and problems.

I hope you'll enjoy it

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Hi all!! Thank you so much for keeping telling me nice things and supporting me and my art!

I would like to inform you about new miniseries which I'll start uploading soon - the series is called "Oh Gods". I will tell you how it all started.

Two years ago (probably) there was a big sale in my favorite art tools store (they were closing :( ) and everything was so cheap and I bought a big bundle of beautiful colorful papers (I never used them for nothing before). As I was thinking what to do with them, I realised It wasn't really clear with the Gods of Phyebwa, in my writings. Because I always thought there should be some, but I didn't really develop this part. And you should know I love gods. I love mythology of ancient civilisations, I love Egypt, old Greece and also Celtic gods and goddesses. I love the wide colourful world and all the stories that surrounds them and I wanted to create the same. So I decided that I will use the papers to design and portray Gods of Phyebwa. And I wanted them to be different, unique, I didn't wanted to copy or assume some look which was used before. Gods of Phyebwa must have been extraordinary. Time to time it was really hard work for brain and my imagination to create something totally new, but I think I handled it. (You can judge yourself) I cant wait for you to see it!!!! :)

You already know Thlatic and Yuna, so I hope you will like the rest of pantheon!
Have a beautiful day!

- Gawarin/Hynek
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Thank you for tagging :iconcharcoalfeather:, this is fun! So here are some informations about Lea! (I am sorry that it is so long but Lea isn't character I can talk about in five sentences)
Mini II by Gawarin

1. Lea comes from quite strange family. Her parents are members of very old royal family, her mather is fanatic member of sect, longing for glory, she asks the prophetess about every decision. Her father is very submisive and weak man, he never contradicts his wife. When Lea is born, the prophetess says she will be big sorceress. Mother sents Lea to the monastery, but after years it doesnt seem she has some divine powers and her parents stopedd care about her. (meantime Lea's brother is born, but the prophetess says he will die very early, so they put him in an orphanage) Lea escapes then from the monastery and never sees her parents again.

2. Butterflies in Lea's hair are very unique. It is an unknown species and only few people saw them in time in Phyebwa. When Lea got lost in the forest and started to cry, they flown, have made her smile and settled in her hair forever. Lea's hair is floating because of dust from their wings.
After Cabsid kills Lea and brings her back to life, all the butterflies dies. He replaces them with moths. Orix with Aja don't know she is alive again (even only in this evil form) and they have made a little memorial with flowers for her in the gardens of Silcara. Then, the flowers starts to be visited by one lonely blue butterfly. When Lea is sent to kill the friends, she sees the memorial and starts to cry, and her heart starts to beat again.

3. After Lea escapes from the monastery, she is wandering around the land with no money or home. She is found by some man who takes her to his hause, where she can stay for some time, with free food and everything. After two years, he says that she must somehow repay, and he sents her to the capital city, Lúmenn-Celesti. Her task is to became the royal sorceress, AND, mainly, she must
become friends with High Queen Elisa (who is young girl then), secretly take care of her (and practically became her secret bodyguard) and regularly sent informations about whats happening in castle to the men. She don't know who he is or why he gaved her this task.

4. Lea never had any relationship - when she was sent into the monastery (which is by the way managed by sect which is

forbidden in Phyebwa because of unhuman rituals and blood magic) she must take amagical oath that she will never fall in love and she will never have any friends.

- She is quiet, introvert but not always, kind, loving, caring, very clever,
selfless, dreamer, starry-eyed, very beutiful but modest and with low self-esteem. She loves blue things. She loves books, magic, plants, music, arts. She makes potions, spells, handmade jewelry, she paints and gardeners.

5. Although Lea is incredibly kind person, she is calm, inteligent and looks like a
porcelain doll, the stay in the Red Monastery remarked her - she learned here how to use blood magic, which is very disgusting and cruel way how control blood in other's bodies. She uses this kind of magic only when there is no other way, and never on others - only on herself. (in book one, she opened the locked magical door with her blood, and thats the only case for now)
I tag:
:iconcharcoalfeather: Yuriy
:iconatorife: Rass
:iconelisamelis: Ghea
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Hi, do you remember Sophie (an imaginery friend of mine from childhood)? If you don't, I was writing a little about the whole thing here - Did/Do you have a imaginary friend?

As I am submitting the last inktober drawing soon, I want to tell you a little about what will come after - Some time ago I realised I have quite a lot artworks featuring the character of Sophie, some of them are new, some more than two years old. So I made a project from it - and named it "Flowers for Sophia". I draw her really often, for example in my notebook in school... Mostly when I don't have no ideas. I am quite sure I will keep drawing her, so I made the project and in every year I will paint at least one picture with her. I believe it will be interesting one day to look back how the face and style and technique and mood changes.

That's all I wanted to say, I just wanted to let you know. Have a beautiful Day.

Gawarin / Hynek
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At first, I want so say to all of you: Happy New Year, full of love and joy and happiness. We deserve it. You deserve it. I hope I deserve it too.

2015 has been extremely hard for me, let's speak honestly. It was very very exhausting, lot of bad things happened, but also some truly amazing things happened. I was on concert of Kyla La Grange, one of my very most favourite singers I never thought I could see live - and I did. And it was probably one of happiest moments in my life, I gave her a drawing of hers and she said its beautiful and take it. I sang along to all the songs. Than MS MR came on the stage and it was incredible too. And than the show ended. And than I came back into my grey boring life and it hurts so much to remember how happy I was and how unhappy I am now. I am sorry I am writing this here, I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself. I learning for school exams now, and I have no free time, no energy and no reasons to think it will be better. But I will be strong and I will make it.

2015 wasn't just bad. I had my first art exhibition, I learned some things about myself... I found some new friends and I've lost some old ones. Many of great and soulful music came out this year and listening to it helped me to make it here. Music always helped me in incredible way. Same as art did and do. I started to make personal art, but I've also stopped to be active on deviantart which is one of the things that makes me quite sad. I had nearly 300 watchers, in last months I lost most of them and now I have only 170. I was thinking about leaving deviantart, but I will not. I am not sad from losing watchers, I am sad of loosing touch with people I think are great.

So, now I want to give a special thank to all the watchers who stayed and especially for few friendswhich always supported me, everywhere,everytime:

:iconcharcoalfeather: for everything
:iconborianna: for supporting me also on instagram and facebook
:iconerinclaireb: for the supporting
:iconteamoth: thank you so much for all the nice things, I am so sorry for non answering, I will try to fix it as soon as possible

Have a beautiful time! :)

there is my last picture made in 2015 - called "Tree of Life"…
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Hi friends, are you going to do Inktober this year?

I want to, but I have so much little time that I'm not sure how it will end. Last year, I was drawing/panting my original characters from my writings. But what should I do now? Hmm.... Do you alredy know what will your inktober be about?

My 2014's Inktober…
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In second Great Singers I would like to introduce you incredible singer Adna.
Adna by Gawarin

Adna Kadic is young Swedish singer with very unique voice colour and great sence for lyrics. She creates ethereal music in which you can probably hear some influences of Bjork and which is maybe a little similar to artist like Saint Saviour, Agnes Obel and Lykke li. She described her music as quite soft and melancholic, which fits perfectly. In addiction I would say its very dark but also very sensitive, gentle and powerful at the same time.
    Adna's music is like nightbreeze, like silent whispers in the dark, like rustle in trees. Instruments in her music seems to fit perfectly and they are just colouring the final creation, which is magical and shivering experience.
    She released her first EP in age of seventeen, and its incredible how young and how sophisticated she is at the same time. One year later, she released her debut album "Night" which is real masterpiece in my eyes. Short time ago, she released her second full lenght album, Run, Lucifer, which is darker and very interesting too and shouldnt stay unknown.

Adna's voice is haunting and natural, in her songs she ussually dont use anything which could interrupt simplicity of her clever arrangements - so there is only her voice, her incredible soft vocals which dont need any choruses and any tunes and not even much instruments to make something special. Its beatiful how REAL her music is.

Her music is one of few, which you will want to listen with your headphones (I would highly recommend it)and you will get totally lost in it. You will not want to ever put your headphones out of your ears. Its hypnotic, its mysterious, its very magical and mystical.
I hope she will get recognizitation she deserves, because there is usually seen someone as talented and underrated these days.

    "Night" : This album was written in only five nights. The best example of good indie pop and maybe somtehing more. Adna's first full lenght album is perfect to listen to in rainy days, in days when you are sad and depressed. If you are angry,it will instantly calm you down, because its very calming music. It will make you feel like nothing matters and everything will be great one day. As a artist, I would say its perfect usic for creating art. Play it as loud as its possible and new ideas will come to your mind in tides. Beautiful music. It's also perfect to listen late in night, because it perfectly fits to this daytime. Look from your window on starry sky or garden filled with dark shadows, thats it. Thats the music you want to listen too. Calming, melancholic, nostalgic.
       The album starts with song called "Dreamer" which is definetly one of best on album. "I'm dreamer and you'r my dream,you'r the best mind I've ever seen" she sings. Its very etherel like all her songs, but its also song which will stuck in head for forever. Amazing track filled with lovely lyrics and warming words and Adna's beautiful voice, dancing and swirling and waving. You will love this.
        Secong track is "Limit" . Very simple but striking, and its clever lyrics are brightly shining in its elementary arrangement. "Sometimes I think I cannot think anymore" is one of lines which makes me think about life and lot of another original rhymes leaves me in silent amazement.
        Then comes the "Nightbreeze" which will make you shiver, Its slow and beautiful song where Adna sings "Let me be the reason/ to why to change your seasons" - example of how genuine she can play with words. Its melody is very calming and cold in some way.
    "The prettiest" is definitely one of strongest and biggest songs on album. Dark and playful at the same time, the melody grows in every second, changes and makes you fell excited how it will look in few moments, because it will be very different. Amazing work of instruments colours the song and creates something incredible.
    "Rain" is hypnotic sad ballad with ethereal lyrics in style of "The rain fall, and you're drowned,in my thoughts." This song needs time and full attention to grow into something very special.
    "Falling" starts with soft instruments predicting something magical. Which comes true, this song is haunting. Adnas vocals really shine here
    The album continues with "running" - as every song on "Night" also Running has its own special magic. There is amazing refrain, with significant melody and unique sound.
    "Night", the title song, in one of best. Shivering melody creating vision of cold autumn evening, when the dark is falling and when the stars starts to shine. "In the night when you see what I see/In the night when you feel what I mean"
    Last song called "Thoughts" is closing the album and its perfectly chosen ending. With almost no words, only filled with play of instruments and Adna's voice, its perfect to sink in it and close eyes and just wander inside your mind.
    "Run, Lucifer" : Adna's second Album, which already the name says is darker, but not that dark you could think. In some places, Adna's voice is even more soft and high than on "Night". In "Run, Lucifer" Adna's songs are more differential and are visiting different moods and spheres.
    Album starts with short intro-Berlin which will entice you to hearing the rest.
    Than starts song called "Living" which is strongest than any of Adna's songs. Her voice is stronger, she almost screems in some final parts. Its very unique and
unrepeatable music experience.
     "Beautiful Hell" is striking and you can really hear here the main strenghts of Adna's voice. You are shaking like there was cold, when she sing that magical oh-ohoh-ohhoo
    "Lonesome" is my favourite song on record. You can only rarely see such a great lyrics in perfect harmony with the song. "Never alone, but almost lonesome" she sings and its beautiful and sad and so true.
    From other of great songs of this album, I wanted to pick the title track, "Run, Lucifer" - dark and smoothing, wonderful song which almost makes me cry from some reason. "Run away, Lucifer/We are choosing darkness over lightning"

    So thats it, definitely make sure to check Adna's dreamy music, If you are an romantic soul and dreamer and melancholic person, you will love it. :)
    Have a nice day and I hope you enjoyed this journal.
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Hi friends! If you are interested, you can find me on these internet sites, too. Leave your art pages or links in comments so I can watch/follow/(or anything else) you :)

Personal facebook:

My art page on facebook:…

My tumblr:

My twitter:

If you decide to support me on some of these sites, I will be very glad and thankful. Thank you for reading, have a beautiful day! :hug:
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I decided to introduce you some of great singers and bands I listen to, because some of them have very little attention and it's sad. I hope you will also get to know me a little better thanks to this, because - "You are what are you listening to". (and thats very true)
Lot of artist I will present you are hardly underrated, others are not that famous or recognizable how they should or could be. Its not fair to keep the jewels for myself, lol :D I will write something about the artist, something about their music and the main reasons why you should give them a try :) I hope this will be interesting for you! Nice reading!

As a first Great Singer, I chose Marina and the Diamonds!
Marina and the Diamonds by Gawarin

    Marina and the Diamonds, real name Marina Lambrini Diamandis is half Greek and half Welch singer-songwriter. Her music style varies with every album, but most of her music is described like a Indie Pop. She started with writing music when she was 18. From the beginning, Marina had to deal with failure and rejection, she was visiting many auditions but none was succesful. In 2005 she created her stage name, Marina and the Diamonds. Many people thinks that "and the Diamonds" is her band, but actually its reffering to Marinas fans, which she calls Diamonds. I think that this is very nice gesture which shows how important are her fans for her.

    Marina decided she will start to write her own music, without going on auditions. She learned how to play piano for this accasion and she made a demo album "Give me the Money". Later, she transformed this demo into her debut "Mermaid vs. Sailor" and post it through Myspace in 2007. Fourteen music labels
had offered her collaboration, but she rejected all except one, which she believed it will not dictate her image. She released  "The Crown Jewels EP". Following to it, she created her debut studio album "The Family Jewels."

"The Family Jewels" : Marina's firs full-length album. Many fans believe it's also the best one. Songs from this album are very... Deep, personal, but not in the usual way, have amazing lyrics and are almost all about typical life problems we all know. Almost all of the songs are dark and many of them are bitter, too. The Family Jewels is a very interesting album, including songs of different moods and style. Marina said about the album, that its mainly about who rather not to be - showing problems of modern times and negative influence of family, society, commercialism, social values. This album is very great in way of conjuction good and catchy music with real problems and clever lyrics. I can say that this album and songs from it will stuck in your head for a very long time. You can relate to almost every song on it, which makes it so great, because it feels like Marina Diamandis wrote it about yourself. Which is kinda strange and scary, but mostly cool :D
    Favourite tracks: "Are you satisfied?" - one of songs which are both amazingly catchy a clever. Marina sings "Are you satisfied with your average life?" and "Its my problem that I never am happy/ Its my problem if I need to hide/ Its my problem if I have no friends and feel I want to die" in it and so many other great lines which will leave you in silent admiration. This song will qustion you if you are really happy about your life.
                            "Shampain" is an amazing song with strong beat and somehow soft lyrics  - this combination really works.
                             "Obsessions" is just beautiful. Its one of the slower tracks but its still very pleasant to sing and the lyrics are sad and beautiful and the same time. The melody is really hounting.
                             "I am not a robot" leaves one of the best messages ever, check it and you will see.
                              "The Outsider" - oh yea, anthem of all outsiders, so... Also a very catching song.
                              "Roothless" -dramatic sound with plant metaphores = instant love. 
                               "Oh no!" is song with strongest pop feeling, pop listeners will love it probably. Funny and catchy.
                                "Numb" seems to be written about fame, has sweet sound and high tones
                                "Seventeen" personal and mysterious in way that nobody really knows what it is exactly about, expect Marina.
                                "The Family Jewels" about being a member of rich family, chained and feeling prisoned and controled. Great melody with unexpected experimental sounds.
    In short: Family Jewels is a album where I do like all the songs - which is kinda rare. It's music genre is Indie pop, its very experimantal and full of new sounds. You can very easily relate to the clever lyrics. Its something you can sing to, think about, dance on. Its amazing.

    "Electra Heart": Marina's second album. This one has very strong and significant visual presentasion, which is one reasons why its great. Its much more pop than TFJ (which can be plus for somebody). While creating this album, Marina was very interested in social problems again, mainly about role of women and her stereotypes in American Culture. This album is not personal. Its all about person which is
the exact opposite of Marina herself. To promote this, Marina created a fictional character named Electra Heart, who perfectly fits to all the stereotypes and archetypes. Songs from Electra heart are even catchier than from Family Jewels, and the lyrics are great too but in very different way - that all makes it feel much more foreign and cold. Electra Heart could easily be a generic pop, if you dont know the background of its creation. Songs like Primadonna, Heartbraker, Homewrecker, Bubblegum Bitch are something I could never really like but they are all strongly ironical, what makes them (and the whole album) something more than normal pop. Its very big and rich, it makes illusion of an own world which Marina created. She made a music video for every song, which is colouring the whole thing.
    Electra Heart comes in two dimensions, yu can take it seriously and do not care what it really is, and than you have a great pop music. Or you can think about it, take it like a comedy or irony or satire, and than you will see it its actual size.
    Favourite tracks: "Lies"- sad and hurting, with Marinas sweet voice mixing with strong electronic sound
                            "The state of dreaming" with lines like "I lived my life inside a dream/ only waking when I sleep" is brilliant and it shows the qulity of Marina's songwriting.
                            "Power and control" - very powerful song
                            "Living dead", "Valley of the dolls", "Hypocrates"
                            "Fear and Loathing" is my favourite from all album, it's one of few songs that are creating the sad mood and counterpoint to "Primadonna" and "Heartbreaker"
        In short: I like Electra Heart, its visual presentation and idea and lyrics side, but I kinda miss the "real" Marina.

    "Froot": Is Marina's third and latest album. Its interesting mostly in fact that Marina wrote all the songs completely by herself (no co-writing) and also self-produced. She described it like a "juicy", which fits perfectly, its very rich in visual side and colours, the types of song strongly differents again. So we can tell that this is Marina's most personal album, even more than The Family Jewels, which makes it my favourite album. Froot is pop album with elements of synthpop, dream pop, rock, electronic, indie pop.
   Favourite songs: "Happy" for its melancholic, soft, sad mood and beautiful lyrics which reflect how we all sometimes feel, I think. Its about loneliness and people who left.
                            "Weeds" I love it and I think its the most underrated song from album. Metaphore "We know the problem with history/ it keeps growing back like weeds" is just perfect
                            "Savages" is the most clever and pointing song I heared in while. Its about human trace race and your faults.
                            "Solitaire" Is a gem. It has the most spectacular lyrics from all Marina's songs.
                            "Blue" is the most pop song on record, but it has its magic. Catchy and sweet.
                            "Immortal" did Marina wrote after visiting war memorial, and it has amazing ideas and thoughts about our (i)mortality.
        In short: Froot is amazing, its both funny and sad and showing some great problems and ideas, I dont like only one song - "Gold" which doesn't seems interesting to me yet.

    Why should you listen to Marina's music:
Because you will like it, lol. :D No, but I want to say that Marina's work is very wide, so it can speak to different kinds of listeners.
It has one of greatest and most interesting and clever lyrics in music industry now.
Her music is easy to relate to.
Interesting sounds and instruments which are not often used in mainstream music.
Its a great alternative to stupid generic music without meaning - it is inspirational and meaningful and still catchy and energic.
Because Marina is great live performer too, and has got strong relation with her fans. She is nice and very clever.

    Tip: If you like Marina's music, be sure you know the secrt gems, which are Marina's unrelesed songs and songs from her EP's. They have smaller sound quality, but the lyrics are just... perfect. Try to check - Starlight, Buy the Stars, Sinful, Like the other girls, Scab and Plaster, Evol, Where the diamonds grow, Bad kids.

Little feature of wonderful Marina and the Diamonds portraits from Deviantart
Marina by CatsAndCloudsPrimadonna Girl by ArtbyCharlotteDiamonds by indigoceanMarina by JordanWindows2Marina and the Diamonds by ValdarkoFroot by nell-fallcardDAY075 - Froot by Bronitronas365Froot by HighwayUnicornARTMarina Diamandis by Grim07

I hope you enjoyed first part of "Great Singers"! I will bring another one next week or sooner :) Have a beautiful day!
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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    more than two years, I think. Yes, its not very long time but it changed my life a lot! It was first social network I was ever member of, I had been on devianart before I created facobook account.

  2. What does your username mean? its a nickname I created when I was 15 and it doesnt mean anything, I just liked how it looks and sounds. - buuuut I know when I was translating it into some strange language I know it was something like gold giver :D I was curious if it means something, you know.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. melancholic lost artist

  4. Are you left or right handed? I am lefthanded and I am proud of it!

  5. What was your first deviation? oh it is this-my dragon character sheet! I almost forget it.Gawarin by Gawarin

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? well, I love traditional art, I feel a little like magician creating something what can last, what you can see, what you can touch, what can cause some... emotions or thougts... Its beautiful. So I dont really have favourite type, everything is so much fun to do! paintings, drawings, crafts, ceramics! all of that.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? I think wouldn't want instantly master anything. I want to walk the path of improvement, I want to live it. I think its beautiful how slowly but discintly do your skills grow.

  8. What was your first favourite? some dragon art, I am sure. I had my dragon period. :D

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? fantasy, dreamy, gentle, ethereal art.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? well,that's a lot of people! I can write down only few of them - :iconcharcoalfeather: :iconakitku: :iconffey: :iconstelari: :iconknight-of-sand: :iconteaofeyes: :icongewalgon: :iconborianna: :iconyanadhyana: :iconpseudozufall: :iconoddeum: :iconjr-dragona: :iconpoplavskaya: :iconsieskja: :iconerinclaireb:

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? :iconakitku: :iconcharcoalfeather: :icongewalgon: :iconborianna: :iconpseudozufall: :iconoddeum: - thats a lot of people too! :D

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? lot of great people here made me trust and like myself. That is the most important I think. Thank you friends :hug:

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? pencil + charcoal + watercolours + colour pencils + ink +.....

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? at home and everywhere where is calm and music

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? I think that it was the very first day on deviantart and I recieved a note from :iconstelari: and she was letting me know she featured one of my dragon paintings in her journal - it was so beautiful and kind, but I was new here so I didnt knew what journal or feature is and what means so I didnt answer. But, that is my favourite deviantart memory :)

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I am finally back home, after one week, and I am so happy! I didn't realised how much I love the landscape around my home place! I missed every flower, every stone, every bug! :D Now I can submit and show my art to you again.

I hope you had great week

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Hi deviantart friends, how are you doing?

I never took art as a way how to express my own feelings, I had it as a way how to share and illustrate the strange world inside my head. This year, I found that it's possible for me to express my mood and feelings and make something personal, which surprised me a lot. I am actually working on some project which is very personal for me. It is so personal as at first I didn't wanted to show it to anyone - but I will.

My childhood was... sad. Sometimes I had great times too, it was nice in the way of imagining and dreaming, but that was all. All the reality was so hard, so dark. My early school years were I think hardest times ever (now it felt really bad too, but I think this was worse) and was too much for me, I had no friends, I was under constant pressure because of marks and so I thought I cant go on, so I made a imaginery friend for myself. (don't laught, I was little) It was a girl angel with red hair (I later named her Sophie) - she was actually something between imaginary friend and guardian angel. I used to talk to her a little when I was sad and when I was writing test and such things, I always pleaded her for good marks. And it (no matter how crazy it sounds) helped me. When I grew up, I almost forget her. But now, when I had hard times in school and I was really depressed, I recalled it all. And I decided to bring Sophie back to life through a series of paintings, which you will hopefully see soon.

So I am asking If you had an imaginary friends when you were little too, eventually you can write how they looked like and something about them, if you want. You can also share with me what you thing about my project and about expressing emotions through art.

Thank you so much for reading and opinions, have a good night with nice dreams

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Hi friends! I just wanted to apologise for my poor activity here. Sadly, I have very little time for myself and for deviantart now. Im not commenting, not reading journals, not submitting, and what hurt the most - Im not drawing. I feel empty and blue. I feel like there is no sense in my life. To stay all right, I keep painting everyday (Im trying) very little pictures into my new moleskine, which i recieved as a gift to my first art exhibition. I hope I will be able to show it to you one time. :heart:

Uh, I must just survive these hard times, and it will be all better, I hope. Thank you for what you are and what you do and say. Have a beautiful spring day,

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Hi, nothing important, I was just wondering if there are some fans of amazing singer/songwriter Marina and the Diamonds. Why am I asking? Because Marina has just released her new and great album - Froot - and I plan to paint a series of 12 paintings, inspired by these songs. In case you do not know this talented artist, feel free to check some of her songs:

if you want fresh and energetic but still meaningful music ballad with beautiful video, listen ''I'm a Ruin'' -…

If are you looking for something to dance to, listen ''Forget'' an amazing song which makes me feel all trouble is fading -…

If you have lost somebody (as me) or if you are in melancholic mood now (as me), listen one of my favourites (Or if you like Lana Del Rey as me), listen slow and ethereal ''Immortal'' -…

If you want to slow down and enjoy beautiful lyrics, listen to ''Happy'' -…

If there is somebody who lied to you... Listen to emotional ''Lies'' -…

My another favourite song, ''Fear and Loathing'', with wonderful text and painful lyrics -…

Slow, sad, beautiful. Maybe the most gorgeous lyrics ever - in ''Buy the Stars'' - makes me feel so nostalgic...…

If you are ''Seventeen'' !…

''I am not a Robot''…


And lot of others!!! Please be sure to give Marina and the Diamonds a chance, her music is amazing and have much more layers you can see now. Hope you will fell in love with her unique music like me. :heart:
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Just a hello + thank u + news

Sat Feb 21, 2015, 10:20 AM
Hello my dear deviantart friends - Im just letting you know that I am alright - yes, I am stressed, have no time for myself, deviantart and enything else, but alright. I know I wasnt here for a while and I am sorry. Its been long time when I submit something, but it seems that it will take some time still, because my computer is broken and it doesnt seems anybody is able to repair it... And new computer cost more than I have, so... I must survive with my i-pad, but dont have internet connection in our house, so thats pretty ugly situation for me. I cant submit or even scan anything, (thanks god that all my writings are saved on e-mail - I would die if they were destroyed) I cant write and I cant do almost anything. I will try to get over it.

I wanted to thank you all for you support under my previous journal, I was feeling really bad and I wasnt expecting somebody would try to help me - but lot of you did, and it means so much for me.... I am drawing something to say thank you :) But I dont know if or when I can show it... Ah...
I feel guite better now. Thank you all. :heart:

My first art exhibition is about to start! Yay, Im scared, but so excided too! It will be magical I guess. I will take some photos for you :hug:

Illustrations for my two books are all almost done - few still remaining. I rewrited and corrected all mistakes in text, and Im excited to start working on third book! Maybe I will publish it someday, If I will like it.

    Have beautiful day :) and dont forget to look above on stars and enjoy all that pretty moments of life.

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On the bottom again

Mon Jan 26, 2015, 2:47 AM
Why Im not feeling good:

1. my school marks went worse - but I'm still learning the same, maybe even more! What!?

2. I realised that I have only two real life friends which could help me if I needed it. That hit me enough.

3. Im helping everybody in my
surroundings, but nobody helps me. People around are just using me all the time.

4. Im scared I will live my life alone and unhappy.

5. Even stupid students have better marks because they are cheating.

6. I hate my school. Its full of
injustice and bribery.

7. My former classmate is dying of cancer. We werent friends unfortunely, but he's still person I knew for more than ten years. And he is just 18. This is really terrible and it makes me so sad. It made me think about life and its importance.

8. Because of upper things, I have hard depressions.

9. Im scared of losing people I love and near family. Im scared of taking phone calls, I always think its bad news.

10. Im ill again. My head and eyes are hurting so much and Im so tired... I think I
have never experienced such pain.

11. Some kind of skin disease is bothering me. It seems to be a allergic reaction from something. Doctors dont know what it is.

12. One of my orchid died.

13. Artblock

14. I need a hug.

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Art trades - closed

Thu Jan 1, 2015, 11:28 AM
Well, some time ago I was asking if somebody would be interested in AT with me, and so many of you did answer! Its amazing... I only dont know how will Ii handle it... I think that I must take individual exchanges consecutive - and it will maybe take a while, so please excuse me, Im sorry for it. Thank you for patience :)

Here is a list of spots saved for you (If something changed, and you dont want to do AT now, please contact me in notes) I hope we will have fun!

digimonempress123.deviantart.c…    :) of course!

2. :iconthepathofdreams:   Im verry happy you are interested :aww:

3. :icongrim-grinning:   yay!!!! :la:

4.  :iconnickidoodles:   :) I cant wait!

5.  :iconpurplewish23:   :) samozřejmě že mám zájem!

6.  :icondelilahhyuuga238:  iiiiiih! :D

7.  :iconthe-fox-of-wonders: Im sooo excited! :D

8.  :iconakitku:    I was secretly hoping you'll be interested friend :D

9.  :iconmatejcadil:  bylo by to skvělé! :)

10.  :iconchaosqueen122:   great!

11.  :iconancaxbre:   Ah your art is lovely, this will be awesome!

12.  :iconcharcoalfeather:   I'm excited like a little child! :D

13.  :iconkazumaki:   pokud najdeš čas :)

14.  :iconpseudozufall:  amazing, I love your art! This could be the most amazing thing ever :heart:

15.  :iconborianna:   I hoped you will be interested, because I love your art, friend! :)

16.  :icondamien-christian:  cool! :)

17.  :iconbrissinge: Já zapomněl! :D

So, firstly, I will take these three people: digimonempress123.deviantart.c… :iconthepathofdreams: :icongrim-grinning: :) And when I will finish my part, I can take other three ones :) Ok? Some questions?

I want kindly ask digimonempress123.deviantart.c… :iconthepathofdreams: :icongrim-grinning: to send me a note that you are ready, and we can arrange details and themes, and lets start! :)

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All my dear and nice and talented and sweet and kind friends, I wish you happy merry Christmas! This was very hard year for me, but its ending with beautiful Christmas and I hope the year 2015 will be a little more kind to me and will bring me bit more happiness :) I hope you all are very very happy, got your loving family around... And I hope you get all you wanted :hug: Nice holiday everyone! :heart:
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